The decaying world ((OPEN))

Yuffie’s eyes slowly peeled open. She had a throbbing pain in her head and her whole body felt numb. She sat up with a groan as she pressed a hand to her forehead. What happened…? She asked herself. Last i remember… i was thrown from… the airship i think.. and then an explosion… The images played through her mind. She had been with Cloud and the others on Cid’s airship. Something had his it and she was thrown from it. As she fell through the sky, she remembered seeing it destroyed in an explosion of fire. She had hit the ground hard. More explosions. Then she lost consciousness. 

She glanced around at the once green now barren landscape around her. She knew she was badly bruised and she had cuts, but it wasn’t anything too bad. She rose to her feet, continuing her stare at the land. She didn’t see anyone. She didn’t hear anything. She only felt the wind against her skin and the pain all over her body. She raised her hands to her mouth and cupped them around it. She took in a deep breath. “HELLOOOOO???” She shouted. Then she waited for an answer.